Can Sheep Placenta Make You Look Younger?

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When you consume a placenta, is it safe?

Recognized Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP), Certificates that proves its safe and proven clean from other substances that may harm you.

We are a leading company in placenta and cell therapy with recognized by medical associations such as German Society for Thymus Therapy(GSTT), IAOS-Swiss, and is approved in countries with stringent quality control such as NZ, Singapore, US.

"My son used to suffer from breathing problems and this has been a headache as we need to bring him to a doctor every week for his routine checkups, ever since taking sheep placenta that problem has improved and he has been able to join his friends in sports and activities, making him more cheerful and active."

From: Ben, K.L. Malaysia

Here's why you should take our sheep placenta:

  • Proven safe and has no side effects
    Our placenta is selected from sheep living in the cleanest environment and each capsule is manufactured with stringent quality control from authorities.
  • Sheep placenta with enteric coating
    High technology Enteric coating around every placenta capsule allows your body absorb and have the full benefits of the placenta and not let it to waste.
  • Active formula that suits your body
    Each capsule is included with the formula that has been researched and proven, 100% biologically natural makes it safe and no side effects.

  • Our Customer services representatives will follow up and advice on your consumption from details that you need to know to the extra benefits you will get after consumption, ensuring you get answers to all your questions about placenta correctly!

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       "I always feel physically weak all the time.this has made me look and feel as if i had aged rapidly. But thanks to Zell-V Platinum, i constantly feel fresh, focused and healthy everyday after consuming it!" "Even after marriage, my family and career has been most important, and even with all that added responsibilities, i still do not feel tired or fatigued."

    From: Gribette